About Fitness HQ

Our goal at FitnessHQ is to help you get fit and feel great! We want to educate and encourage you to reach your fullest potential and be able to do the things you want to do.

Meet The FitnessHQ Team

Harris Reynolds

Harris loves fitness. He grew up playing every sport and was a high school wrestler. Now as the father of 4 girls Harris uses CrossFit and his primary fitness tool to discourage boys from coming around the house. He started CrossFit in 2013 and holds the Level 1 CrossFit Training certificate. He also just loves to try new things and has done traditional weight training, mountain biking, bikram (HOT!) yoga, pilates etc etc.

Kaitlin Candelaria

Kaitlin avoided fitness and anything green like the plague until early 2014 when she joined CrossFit on a whim. Fast forward two years and she’s a heavy lifting and healthy eating machine. When she isn’t in the gym or whipping up fun and simple recipes to make your life easier, she enjoys traveling, The Walking Dead and spending time with her menagerie of dogs and a pig.
2016 CrossFit Open

Nicole Kurz

Nicole is a 30-something writer, blogger, fitness enthusiast and all around badass. She CrossFits, cycles, races triathlons, and is girl who isn’t afraid of the “boy weight section” at the gym.


Fitness is for everyone!
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