What is Fitness?

By Harris Reynolds | September 6, 2014
Here at FitnessHQ we define fitness very simply: You should feel well enough to do whatever you want to do!

Want to hike the Appalachian Trail?  You should be able to.

Want to play with your grandchildren in the back yard?  You should be able to.

Want to participate in some type of sport or athletic competition?  You should be able to.

Of course this is within the context of reasonable age limits and experience.  If you are seventy and have never touched a barbell, you really shouldn’t plan on competing as and Olympic weight-lifter.

But wherever you are in life you can increase your level of fitness and do the things you’d like to do. Fitness really is that simple.  It may not always be easy, but it is simple.

The key to fitness is adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.  This boils down to two words that we often dread: diet and exercise. Uh oh!


So here’s the thing about diets. You can’t eat pop tarts all day and expect to feel great. You have to give your body the things it needs.

That doesn’t mean however that you have to eat foods that are disgusting to be healthy. Here at FitnessHQ we want to help you plan meals that are full of real nutrition and delicious!  And because most of us have limited amount of time and money we also try to provide ideas that are quick and economical (pro tip: buy things on sale!!).

Stuff like this.

And this.


Basically you need to get off your butt.

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Fitness is for everyone!
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